Students love their teacher!

Students write in their journals!

Students love to write in their journals! They do extra vocabulary building while practicing letters as well. Many students fill one journal and go on to the second one during one year as well.

Diwali Projects created in Cherry Chase

This is exceptional quality of work by Level 1 students!

Speech and presentations by Level 1 on last day!

It was incredible–everyone walked to the small platform not only to receive their Medals and Ribbons but also to introduce themselves to the Audience and that too in HINDI.

They had really worked hard for this day-had put in efforts and time to present their posters on a topic of their own choice.
Children could speak in Hindi as they displayed their posters on Indian Festivals, Class Events and activities.

Anu and Apoorva –made a poster on the year round learning and activities –it was phenomenal. They sang the song and read this letter —
Last day speech by cherry chase level 1 students


Students love to race to win!

For my Level 1 class, I have kids from all age groups. I have kids from Kindergarten to the third grade and it is very interesting to see how each one of them gets connected with the language within their own capacity. My students love the material given by USHA, especially the jigsaw puzzles. They love to play the games, which are played especially to develop and practice the vowels and consonants. There is always a race between them to win! It is pleasure to teach the students and bring them closer to Indian culture and heritage.

Being creative in Level 1

Learning letters Level 1, Dilworth Elementary, Cupertino

Students have learned all the letters of aksharmala. Now we try to be creative. I give them a letter and they try to come up with new words with that letter. They draw pictures of the words with different letters. They are making their own Aksharmala Book.

Students read stories by themselves in Level 2!

Reading Story Level 2 Faria Elementary, Cupertino

Students started reading the story ‘Kachuaa aur Khargosh’ in pairs. They tried to figure out what the words mean, what the story is about. And after reading first few sentences, all of them figured out this is turtle and tortoise story they already knew. They started adding more details in the story. They felt so proud that now they can read and understand stories.
– Taruna

Drama in Level 3

Having fun while reading the story Level 3 Lincoln Elementary, Cupertino

Students listened to the story ‘Mummy Ka Kahna.’ They read it again in the groups and chose a character on which they wanted to act out. They made up the actions to go with their act. Level 1 audience enjoyed this performance. Students were so happy to realize that they don’t need the books to say their lines.

What’s happening in class?

At Gomes Elementary, Fremont, CA, children are learning conversational Hindi. So, instead of
making just one sentence, we pick up one topic and we keep on talking about it. This way they
talk about a subject using many many sentences without realizing that they are actually talking
in Hindi. It makes it natural, interactive and fun as well.

There was a birthday of one of the students, so we talked about birthday. Student carried on
conversation in Hindi telling, “when is their birthday”, “what would they like to have for their
birthday”, “what kind of games they would like to play” etc.

I love Hindi – by a Palo Alto Student

Student made this art and presented to the teacher, Rizwana who moving out of state!Student will miss Teacher - Rizwana in Palo Alto