Passionate child enjoyed his class

Thanks a lot Teacher Pallavi.
Aryan enjoyed taking Hindi Lesson last year and took it seriously. I hope his passion towards Hindi remains the same in coming years, thanks to teacher like you.
Thanks a lot and I hope we see you again next year. Your email wasn’t clear if you would be teaching them next year.
We really wish you would teach him Hindi next year too.


Parent who had given up on Hindi!

Hi Pallavi,

Thanks so much! It’s amazing how Aryan is learning Hindi in the USA…. I almost had given up getting him to learn Hindi !!

Although he does not converse in Hindi yet, he knows the fundamentals…so I am hoping one trip to India and he will pick up Hindi in no time!!

Thanks so much for all your effort…. I can imagine how hard it must be to get them to learn a ‘foreign’ language…specially with so many letters!!

Next year, Aryan will continue so he can master this language! Thanks for all your contribution!

Take care,

Hindi was made easy and fun: Parent

Hi Pallavi –
I am sure all parents would feel the same, but from us, thanks a lot for helping abhishek with the hindi lessons. Its tough for these kids to pick up on the language while being so overloaded with all the other work and activities they are involved in, but the pace and reviews with which this class was handled made it a lot easier and fun for him and for us.

We look forward to seeing you and USHA run another program next year. Thanks again for this year.


Forest park parent experience..

Hello Chitra,

Thanks for the update as usual . When I initially enrolled Nilay for Hindi classes I had doubts whether he will be able to read/write a new language within first year. But to our surprise he has really picked up a lot this year considering that Hindi is not the spoken language at home. I think all credit goes to you . We are really happy with your teaching and I would recommend it to our friends.

Nilay is looking forward to continue the lessons next year. Hopefully we will get email notification about the class schedules.

Thank you,

Kids speak! They want to continue Hindi!

The kids have given their feedback and here is what they say:
– This was most fun in Hindi class:
* Poems were most fun
* Doing word searches
* When someone said a sentence that made no sense
* Getting prizes
* Playing Bingo

– This was least fun in Hindi Class:
* Nothing
* Doing homework
* End of the year test
* Reading in Class

– How Hindi class can be made better:
* Nothing
* It is perfect already!
* More projects
* More Games

* Do you want to next Level?
* Overwhelming YES from all kids

Kids making progress, says Parent

Hi Sangita,
I am really happy to send my kids to USHA Hindi class. Their teacher is very committed to teach Hindi to kids and teaches a great curriculum in fun environment. It is conveniently offered in school as an after school program. My kids are improving their Hindi language skills and I am very happy. They also enjoy Hindi movies with us. I will continue to send my kids to Hindi class. Deepika

Survey comments by parents..

It’s job well done ! I’m very happy with the Level 1 curriculum. I look forward for level 2.


Please try to increase awareness among parents about these classes which would make sure that more and more schools have after school Hindi program.

We really enjoyed our experience. I think it is difficult to persuade the Indian population to invest money in learning the language. That is probably one of the barriers. If you can figure out a way to really show the value of knowing Hindi to parents, they might consider investing.

Note of appreciation from parents..

Dear Ms. Shradha

Thanks much for all your support during this year. Our son benefited a lot from your sessions this year. Have a great summer vacation and looking for your next session later this year.

Thanks for everything your hard work with the kids this year. Our daughter has enjoyed the class.