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Adult enjoys Jano Hindi Classes

Having visited India on two separate occasions, I have a great fascination with this nation. As language may be considered the gateway to culture, I have embarked on a journey to learn Hindi in hope of gaining a deeper knowledge of this land. As a fluent English and Chinese speaker, I am attuned to the [...]

Forest park parent experience..

Hello Chitra, Thanks for the update as usual . When I initially enrolled Nilay for Hindi classes I had doubts whether he will be able to read/write a new language within first year. But to our surprise he has really picked up a lot this year considering that Hindi is not the spoken language at [...]

Kids speak! They want to continue Hindi!

The kids have given their feedback and here is what they say: – This was most fun in Hindi class: * Poems were most fun * Doing word searches * When someone said a sentence that made no sense * Getting prizes * Playing Bingo – This was least fun in Hindi Class: * Nothing [...]

Performance at Carden West

Hi Manju, Thank You all for sending the lovely Indian clothes. All the kids looked fabulous and did a fantastic job of the Hindi Poems recital while Ms Manju and the parents who could attend looked on with pride! After that the kids proudly received their beautiful medals & ribbons from Jatin’s Grandma & Ms [...]

Jano Hindi Font Contest – Get India Silly Band!

USHA has just launched the Jano Hindi Font contest! English language has so many fonts, we think Hindi should also have lots of fonts. Design! Be creative! Join the contest! Collect India Silly Bands! GO TO and download the contest picture. Design 2 letters with your creative font idea and upload it to the [...]

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Medals and Ribbons for year end/May!

It’s the merry medal month of May! Our students are very excited this month because it’s that time of year again where we hand out medals for their terrific progress. As the school year draws to a close what better way to show our kids what a great job they’ve been doing with their school [...]

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Sneha Kurella Loves Jano Hindi

Click here Sneha Kurella Loves Jano Hindi to see what Sneha Wrote this article for her Hindi Class

New Website – is here!

We just launched the brand new You can find information and register very easily for all the Programs – Camp Jano India and Jano Hindi Classes. Not only that there is an AWESOME Kids Corner with hours of captivating games for the young learners of all levels! For adults – we have an informative [...]

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USHA contributes to silent auctions at public schools and community organizations!

According to our school’s director, Ruchita Parat, giving to local public schools and charitable organizations is important when fostering good community relations. “We all live in a very connected world,” says Parat. “I have learned a lot in my life and from many people. We as individuals are very interdependent. If I don’t share my [...]

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USHA sponsors events in the community. Join us for all of them!

We are part of your community… a community that has given so much to us. You’ve helped us establish schools that offer interesting curriculum that helps us spread the word about our rich Indian culture and Hindi language. You’ve welcomed us and tell us every day how important you feel we are to your children. [...]

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