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What the kids have to say!

I think the camp Jano India is awesome because we get to do lots of arts and crafts and learn Hindi in a creative way. But I think you should not make the slide shows so long. I think the recesses are AWESOME! —Ayesha I think this was a great camp. I think that this [...]

Adult enjoys Jano Hindi Classes

Having visited India on two separate occasions, I have a great fascination with this nation. As language may be considered the gateway to culture, I have embarked on a journey to learn Hindi in hope of gaining a deeper knowledge of this land. As a fluent English and Chinese speaker, I am attuned to the [...]

Kids speak! They want to continue Hindi!

The kids have given their feedback and here is what they say: – This was most fun in Hindi class: * Poems were most fun * Doing word searches * When someone said a sentence that made no sense * Getting prizes * Playing Bingo – This was least fun in Hindi Class: * Nothing [...]

I love Hindi – by a Palo Alto Student

Student made this art and presented to the teacher, Rizwana who moving out of state!