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Cognitive development via foreign language

Following links talk about the growing importance of foreign language and its effect on brain development on children:

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Origin and Growth of the Hindi Language

Languages are the cornerstones of any thriving culture and the Hindi language is no different. Hindi happens to be the third most spoken language in the entire world, with an estimated 500 million speakers across the globe. Hindi belongs to the Indian culture and is commonly used all throughout South Asia. This magnificent language stems [...]

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Parent comments!

Thank you for bringing India alive for my 5 year old and help my 12 year old get an outlet for his thirst for knowledge about India and all things Indian and all in a fun, entertaining environment. Thank you for showing my kids MY INDIA ! —- Vasudha Usha’s Jano India camp is a [...]

What the kids have to say!

I think the camp Jano India is awesome because we get to do lots of arts and crafts and learn Hindi in a creative way. But I think you should not make the slide shows so long. I think the recesses are AWESOME! —Ayesha I think this was a great camp. I think that this [...]

Camp experience

Rheya had a wonderful time at the camp. She looked forward to the camp everyday, learning new words in Hindi, singing Raghupati Raghav, discovering India and of course, playing with the other kids at camp!! – Camp Parent