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Jano Bee 2013 Press Release


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Jano Hindi Bee 2013

Last Sunday while gazing through the farmers market I stumbled upon a booth with Vivekananda’s picture on it. Moreover the text ‘Bee’ caught my attention. Being an active member of ‘Jano Bee’ I was curious to find out more and to my utter amazement it turned out to be a ‘Vedanta Bee’. While discussing about [...]

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Cooking Projects – What are we cooking this time??

I have always been mesmerized by how 5 senses impact our lives. Taste, being one of the important one possess the miraculous ability to transport us to a memory of the past. It could be taste of pipping hot gujia, a savory bite of maa ke hhath ka khana (food cooked by mother), hot cup [...]

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Let’s Explore India with Unique Themes

It has been warm for last two days, spring is already here and summer is eagerly waiting for it’s turn. I absolutely enjoy summer, as it’s all about ‘fun’ with so many colorful veggies, fruits, farmers market, summer vacations, beach trips, trips to farms loaded with colorful fruits, swimming & many more things to do. [...]

The Taj Mahal: A Symbol of Love

Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language that bares a strong likeness to Urdu. It is a truly beautiful and romantic language to learn. (Though Hindi shows more similarities to Sanskrit and Urdu bares more of a likeness to the Persian dialect.) The strong resemblance of the two is so profound that they could be considered variations [...]

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Los Altos class celebrates Republic Day

January 26 marked the 62nd Republic Day for India this year. In celebration of this day, 75 of our classes took note with special activities and learning opportunities. The children had a great time learning more about the diverse cultural and religious heritage of India and what it means to be a Republic now and [...]

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